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Top 10 Tips For The Perfect Halloween Wedding


If you are looking to add a bit of personality and fun into your October wedding but still want to keep it classy and elegant then look no further. Below are my top 10 picks 

that incoroprate Halloween accessories into a traditional classic wedding.


1. Golden Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the perfect Halloween accessory to decorate and use within your wedding! I love these golden pumpkins; they are perfect for name card anchors or even centre pieces. You can paint these baby pumpkins any colour that you want! I think gold, silver or white paint makes the pumpkins look very sophisticated...well as sophisticated as a pumpkin can look. I also can't help but feel like they add a Cinderella element to the day...and let's be honest, what bride doesn't want to feel like Cinderella on her wedding day?








2. Love Potion

This fun love potion bottle is the perfect wedding favour for your guests at your Halloween wedding! You can fill these little bottles with bubbles for children or alcohol for the more shall we say 'mature' guests! When attending a wedding as a day time and night time guest it can sometimes feel like a very long day! These little favours are the perfect fun and silly addition to your table setting that will be sure to entertain your guests between courses throughout the wedding breakfast!








3. Wedding Arch and Pumpkin Pathway

The orange autumnal colours of the wedding arch paired with the pumpkin lined isle are just magical! This is such a classy way to incorporate the Halloween theme into your wedding day; it's not too over the top but still just as effective! You could even add some candles to the isle to give it that extra bit of luxury!








4. Dark Table Setting

This dark table setting may not be for every bride and groom...however if you are more of a daring type of person then this dark colour scheme could really work for you. The contrast of the dark colours alongside lots of candles creates the most ambient and romantic atmosphere! I personally would not have the guts to do something like this on my wedding day but I still LOVE the deep dramatic vibe this type of decoration gives off.

table setting h







5- Halloween Pumpkin Punch

What better way to ensure that your guests are having a good time than to get them a little bit tipsy! This Halloween pumpkin punch will do just that! It is a perfect way to incorporate cocktail fun into your wedding! Fill a pumpkin with your favourite orange coloured mixers and add as much or as little alcohol to the punch! This would look great on a table alongside other Halloween themed shots and cocktails.








6- Blackberry Fizz

Who doesn't love champagne on arrival? I mean, strawberries and raspberries in champagne are lovely but this is Halloween remember!!! If you are getting married over the Halloween holiday period and don't want to go overboard with the theme then why not add blackberries to your guest champagne. This is a more simple way of adding a Halloween undertone to your big day.








7- Pumpkin Guest Book

I love this novelty Halloween take on a guest book! Try having your guests sign a pumpkin rather than a traditional guest book. You can paint the pumpkin any colour you like as long as you use a contrasting coloured marker so that the writing stands out! This is a fun way to receive beautiful well wishes from your guests!








8-Black Bridesmaids Dresses

Black dresses can add a striking gothic look to any wedding. If you as a bride do not want to  wear a black wedding dress but still want to incorporate the gothic theme then why not use your bridesmaids to add in that element. I would personally add a bit of delicate black lace to the dresses as I think this softens the richness of the dark material. Halloween themes always include deep oranges, purples, blacks and reds; if you pair the black dresses with bouquets full of Halloween colours then you can create a sophisticated yet dark, glam look for your bridesmaids.








 9- Pumpkin Flower Girl

This cute twist on a flower girl basket is adorable! Have your flower girl walk down the aisle with a carved out pumpkin rather than a basket! The pictures captured of this moment will scream cuteness overload and will create beautiful memories of your special Halloween wedding!








10- Pumpkin Halloween Lighting

 This romantic lighting is a perfect way to create an ambient atmospheric Halloween wedding reception. The warmth of the flames lighting up the amber coloured pumpkins creates a sensational glow. Once again you can paint and carve these pumpkins however you want! I personally think that an untouched orange rustic pumpkin is perfect for this. Not only will this look impressive in person it will also be an amazing backdrop for all of your wedding photography. This is a subtle way of acknowledging that you got married over the Halloween holidays and is just so beautifully perfect!